Learn words and language for free with Multilang

Multilang company was established in 2017, it was the time when the idea to create an application for learning languages was born. Young enthusiastic professionals with extensive experience in the field of education were already aware of how the app to learn languages should look like.

During the years as lecturers, professionals practiced a method that made students much more capable of assimilating material and learning words. The method of Flash cards was taken as a basis, this classic method involves using a deck of cards on which a foreign word is visible, and on the back side the corresponding translation. This simple method allows you to learn words from flashcards, regardless of place or time. Learning languages in this way inspired the team and work on the app began.

Our team's goal is to allow people around the world to use Multilang app for free. We believe that education should be accessible to everyone, thus work on content continues, including the current year.